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Chris White
  • Club President 

  • Tang Soo Do 7th Dan

  • Level 4: Senior Instructor 

  • Tang Soo Do International Referee

Started Tang Soo Do – May 1986

4th Dan Master – June 2003

5th Dan Master – June 2008

6th Dan Master - Feb 2015

7th Dan Master - May 2023

Qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Gym-Based Exercise) - April 2014

Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Winner 2015

Master White has been studying Tang Soo Do since 1986 under the tuition of Master David Perks. He received his 1st Dan in 1992 which is when he started teaching. He received his 4th degree Masters Rank in June 2003, 5th Dan Master in June 2008 and awarded his 6th Dan Master in February 2015 by Master Viv Thomas 7th Dan.

Master White has trained many students to Black Belt, some of which have gone on to be Instructors themselves. He has also produced many Junior, Senior & Team Grand Champions.

He has won many trophies himself, competing at Local, National, European and World championship levels. This includes 2nd and 3rd in the World Championships (USA), 3 times consecutive European Champion, British Grand Champion and two Firsts in the Masters division of the 2010 Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championships.

Master White has had the privilege of studying under many highly respected Martial Artists such as:

In the Martial Art of Tang Soo Do (grades are believed to be accurate at the time of publishing)

  • Grandmaster J. C. Shin 9th Dan (U.S.A.) – President of World Tang Soo Do Association and first Instructor to Chuck Norris (Martial Arts Film Star)

  • Grandmaster Andy Ah Po 9th Dan (U.S.A.) direct student of the founder of Tang Soo Do Great Grandmaster Hwang Kee

  • Grandmaster Beaudoin Ph.D 8th Dan (U.S.A.) - World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA)

  • Master Strong Ph.D 6th Dan (U.S.A.) - WTSDA

  • Master Rutherford 6th Dan (U.S.A.) - WTSDA

  • Master Whitten 5th Dan (U.S.A.) - WTSDA

  • Master Britt 6th Dan (U.S.A.) - WTSDA

  • Master Khan 6th Dan (U.K.) - WTSDA

  • Master Washington 7th Dan (Australia)

  • Master Ballerino 5th Dan (Italy)

  • Master Debaca 5th Dan (U.S.A.) - WTSDA

  • Master Johnson 5th Dan (U.K.)

  • Master Trogemann 4th Dan (Germany) - WTSDA

  • Master Green 4th Dan (U.K.) - WTSDA

  • Master Lee 4th Dan (Holland)

  • Master Carter 4th Dan (U.K.) - WTSDA

  • Master Adlington 6th Dan (U.K.)

  • Master Keerie 4th Dan (U.K.)

  • Master Wick 4th Dan (Canada) - WTSDA

  • Master Zamperelli 4th Dan (U.K.) - WTSDA

  • Master Ward 5th Dan (U.K.) - Dragon Tang Soo Do

  • Master Thorne 4th Dan (U.K) - Dragon Tang Soo Do

  • Master Butcher 4th Dan (U.K.) - WTSDA

  • Master Evans 5th Dan (U.K) - Dragon Tang Soo Do

  • Steve Chamberlain 2nd Dan (U.K.) - Dragon Tang Soo Do

In other Martial Arts

  • Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace

  • Scott Adkins - Actor & Martial Artist

  • Aaron Gassor ('Ginger Ninja Trickster') - Stunts/Actor

  • Chris Crudelli from BBC TV series ‘Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves’

  • Cynthia Rocthrock (Martial Arts Film Star)

  • Master Chris Thomas 5th Dan Wado-Ryu

  • Darren Trim 3rd Dan Wado-Ryu

  • Master Phil Hughes 6th Dan Jujitsu

  • Rob Ho - Actor, Action Performer (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kick Ass 2, 47 Ronin, Skyfall)

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