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Georgina Hilton
  • Tang Soo Do 4th Dan

  • Tang Soo Do Level 3: Instructor

  • Tang Soo Do International Referee

Georgina started Tang Soo Do at the age of 12 under Steve Chamberlain.

In competitions, she has won several titles including Interclub Grand Champion three times, UK Open Grand Champion, various medals at regional, national and international levels and most notably World Champion at the London World Championship in 2018.

Outside of Tang Soo Do, she has studied various styles, including Kickboxing in which she holds a 1st Dan Black Belt.

Georgina achieved her 4th Dan Masters Belt in 2022.

As instructor of Severn Beach, Georgina prides herself on the club being a friendly, warm and fun place. The club is open to new members, and over the years has produced some excellent martial artists including regional and national Grand champions, and even a world championship medal winner. The club is proud of the support all students give each other, making it feel more like a family.

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