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Paul Long

Tang Soo Do 6th Dan
Tang Soo Do Level 4: Senior Instructor
Tang Soo Do International Referee

Started Tang Soo Do – January 1997
4th Dan Master - October 2011

5th Dan Master - October 2016

6th Dan Master - October 2022

Master Long started training in the art of Tang Soo Do in 1997 at the age of 15.

He has also studied and achieved grades in various martial arts including Judo, Tai Chi and the Korean sword fighting art of Haidong Kumdo. He continues to research and develop Tang Soo Do techniques in regard to their application and physical dynamics.

Master Long enjoys all aspects of our large Tang Soo Do syllabus and encourages students of any grade to remember 3 key areas to aid them in their studies; Discipline, Dexterity, and Determination.

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