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Lauren Small

Tang Soo Do 5th Dan
Tang Soo Do National Referee

Lauren began her Tang Soo Do career in 1998 as a shy 7 year old, training under Master David Perks. After achieving her black belt at aged 12, she became a student of Master Chris White and continued to enjoy successes in gradings and competitions throughout the years, most recently achieving the grade of 5th Dan Master in 2021.

During her time studying the art, she has taken part in many competitions, most notably qualifying for the Martial Arts World Championship in Ireland in 2010 and winning 1st place world champion in sparring in London 2003.  

She has also recieved background traning in screen and stage combat and Capoeira.

Having taken over as instructor of Thornbury DTSD club in 2011, she is dedicated to maintaining a friendly, ego-free and hard working environment where students of all ages can find strength, empowerment and connection through their Tang Soo Do training (and have lots of fun too!)

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