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Ryan Lamb

Tang Soo Do 5th Dan
Tang Soo Do National Referee

Started Tang Soo Do – June 1994

4th Dan Master – October 2017

5th Dan Master – November 2021

Ryan is an experience martial artist; having started Tang Soo Do at the age of six.  During his martial arts career, Ryan has also trained in kickboxing and creative kickboxing.

Ryan has regularly entered Tang Soo Do competitions and has  British, European and World level titles to his name.

Ryan is a very active member of Dragon Tang Soo Do and regularly helps teach at a number clubs.

Ryan strongly believe in the tradition of our martial art but also feels it is important, for progression, to question everything and to really think about how things work, and adapt if necessary. To this end, he taught himself a new sword form (Jung Koop Jang Gum Hyung) and adapted it to work better for DTSD.  For his 5th dan grading, Ryan presented this sward form at an seminar and it has now been incorporated into the DTSD syllabus.

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