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Busy Night at the Beach

We all know that when COVID-19 hit, and the lockdown happened, our clubs may be hit hard. For some, online training was available - but like all instructors we noticed that our usually regular students were slowly not attending classes. This could have been due to internet or technology issues, distractions in the home or simply space.

In September, the Beachers were proud to be asked to perform at the Severn Festival - and we were the headline act! From this we had a few enquires, and we're proud to see all their wonderful faces a month on!

Last night was our busiest class of 2021, and probably in the last couple of years. We have now welcomed SEVEN new white belts in 2021 alone. For the long term Beachers, this is giving them an essential skill - teaching.

We also dedicated the night to the white belt syllabus - for the new white belts, this was great for them! For our senior belts, this is a way of ensuring that the finer details, the sharpening up, of the basics is emphasised. You want to make sure your foundations are solid and correct before exploring the more fancy things, so this was a great night in which to enhance our basic skills. We topped it off with a bit of free sparring, where our 'soon to be' 4th Gup had his first taster of two on one sparring - and did very well, may I add.

We're growing down at the Beach, and I'm really pleased to see so many dedicated, determined and spirited faces every Thursday evening. You make the 'job' of instructing worth it (it's not really a job, it's a wonderful way of life!).

We can't wait for 2022 to see what it brings - more competitions, gradings, and maybe even more demonstrations and events to promote the various clubs of DTSD.


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