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Contact, but not as we know it

With the lifting of most covid restrictions, many Instructors and Students are getting their training gear out of the shed or loft, dusting their belts off (and some trying to remember how to tie it) and heading back to class.

There are many motivations to do this:

1. Reconnecting with others. Life long and strong relationships are formed through training with others. Whilst virtual classes have mostly been available, they're not for everyone and for some are not an option. They were an option though.

2. Progression of self and technique. Most of the provision of training remotely has been to reduce skill and knowledge fade, whilst keeping people engaged and motivated. We can now get back to teaching developmental content, pushing others to stretch themselves and being "present" to give immediate feedback.

3. Practicality. Tang Soo (and Wado) has always been grounded in practical and effective execution. We're going to have to relearn to adjust our balance with techniques hitting things (not always people) and self defence confidence comes from the knowledge it works against an opponent.

4. Family. I've known some people from our Martial Arts community longer than I've known members of my blood family (even my own children).

I've missed you, despite staying in touch, the sense of bond and support you get while training is hard to replicate.

So we're back? Not quite. Some will feel less comfortable in the presence and close proximity than others, some will state "I'm embarrassed to say I'm not as fit as I was" and some will have found life away easier than the hard work of classes.

Take your time, yet come back training. We all have to journey at our own pace I know and no one in my club will be forced to be making contact with others if not comfortable yet (yet is my favourite magic word). We are being sensible, risk assessments amended and in place, limiting contact, sanitising hands and discouraging anyone training when under the weather.

Walk through the door (after sanitising your hands), re-engage with the training and others. You've already survived a global pandemic, so you know you can survive class.

See you soon.


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