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Severn Beach - Student of the Year

Proud to confirm that this year's Student of the Year is....


This year has been hard for all of us, and all students rose to the challenge of lockdown training, field training, distanced training before we were finally allowed to be fully together again. I am proud of all my students for what they have achieved this year.

However, sometimes you don't realise what inner battles people are facing, and Ethan has certainly had to face his share of battles. From learning take down techniques (both giving and receiving!). Learning bostaff. Learning how to teach. Battling through anxiety over being in close contact. Having watched his family suffer through the pains of long COVID. Staying motivated throughout lockdown by watching videos I've sent, constantly training (I've seen the proof) and never giving up. Grading with others outside of the club a couple of months ago was a HUGE step for him, not only because it was around other students but it was training with people he'd never seen or trained with before. We had nerves, but he swallowed the nerves and got stuck in - and I was proud to witness that. He's also made some wonderful friends over the last year, and has become a very confident member of the club. Always trying to improve and taking all feedback to try and further his development. His eagerness to ask "whats next" and his willingness to assist in class.

Ethan shows perseverance and indomitable spirit, and I couldn't be more proud to be his instructor. He truly is an inspiration to us all, and for us at DTSD we can say that Ethan truly deserved the award this year.

I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes next year.

(Also a huge thank you to his Mum- who took the photo but not only that, has been the poor punching bag throughout the year. Having to be thrown about A LOT, recording his videos, Learning as much karate as Ethan (in fact you'd probably be a brown belt too!). And continuing to support Ethan all the time with home training.)

Photo: Ethan with (a very pregnant) instructor Georgie Hilton.


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